Anunnaki "Those who from heaven to earth came" were the gods of the Sumerians. The Sumerians credit these gods for all their knowledge. Who were the Anunnakis?

Anu - lord of the planet Nibiru. His name is synonymous with heaven. He was the father of Enki and Enlil
Ea or Enki "Lord Water" or "Lord Earth"- He was the lord of the seas and oceans. Possibly where the Greek god Poseidon was derived from. Ancient cylinder seals usually depicted him with flowing streams surrounding his body.
Enlil "Lord of Command" - He was the brother of Enki. Most Sumerians considered him supreme. He was lord of heaven and earth.
Marduk - Marduk was the son of Enki. He was known to the ancient Egyptians as Ra, their supreme god.
Ninurta - He was a warrior god. The ancient texts hailed him as a mighty hunter, a fighting god renowned for his martial abilities.
Ningishzidda - the son of Enki. The architect of the pyramids. He was known to Mesoamerica as The Winged Serpent.
Nanna - better known by his Akkadian name "Sin" was granted sovereignty over Sumer's best-known city-state "Ur"
Ereshkigal - the goddess of the Lower World. Granddaughter of Enlil and married Nergal one of Enki's son.

Did You Know?

  • Earth or Erde in German was derived from the Sumerian word Eridu which is translated "Home in the Faraway" or "Home away from home" because this is what the Anunnakis called our planet when they first landed here.
  • Ningishzidda, the Anunnaki who created the Mayan Calendar was also the deity responsible for engineering the Great Pyramid in Giza according to ancient texts.